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Dental Care
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At Circle Dental, we offer various treatments from facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry to dental implants and fillings.

Dental Treatments

Teeth Straightening

If you’re teeth are unaligned or you would simply like to enhance your smile, there are various options for teeth straightening to choose from.

We provide traditional and lingual fixed braces, as well as the increasingly common method, and non-invasive, Invisalign®.

Skin Rejuvenation

Facial Aesthetics

We provide various skin rejuvenation treatments that promote wrinkle reduction and aesthetic facial enhancements, we would be delighted to discuss your concerns.

We will look at the best options for your desired outcome and design a bespoke skin rejuvenation plan with you.

Skin Rejuvenation

Dermal Fillers

If you’re seeking a natural looking facial enhancement with minimal invasion, dermal fillers may be a good option for you.

We will look at the best options for your desired outcome and design a bespoke skin rejuvenation treatment plan with you.

Dental Treatments

Dental Fillings

If you have a damaged tooth or cavity caused by decay, dental fillings may be the best option to prevent further issues.

If untreated, a cavity or damaged tooth can cause bad breath, infection, tooth fracture, and even tooth loss.

Dental Treatments

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether it’s one aspect in particular of your smile or a more dramatic change you wish to see, we provide various dental treatments to help you achieve your best smile.

Once we have discussed your concerns and desires, we will lay out the best options for you, design a bespoke dental treatment plan, and move forward together on your smile journey.

Dental Treatments

Dental Implants

If a tooth is missing or badly damaged, sometimes a dental implant is the most effective way of replacing the tooth.

Circle Dental’s dental implant dentists provide all 4 options of dental implant; single dental implants, multiple dental implants, full arch dental implants and dental implant retained dentures.

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Dental Treatments

Composite Bonding

If you have gaps between your teeth, a chip, or fracture, composite bonding can quickly assist in the restoration of your teeth.

If you would like to simply enhance your smile, composite bonding can help you achieve this by creating a more consistent shape of tooth which improves your smile cosmetically.


Family Dentistry

At Circle Dental we encourage healthy dental care habits and regular visits to the dentist from an early age. This is why we offer oral health assessments and dental plans to support the whole family.

Get in touch with us today to put your family’s dental health on the right path.

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