Correcting Problems Of Slipping Dentures Or Misaligned Teeth

If you have missing teeth, one of the answers may be to have dentures fitted. They can resolve the problems of several missing teeth, but they can also cause problems for some wearers. Some people report that they can be loose or uncomfortable. They can also slip and move about especially when speaking or eating. Some people also complain that the dentures affect their speech and/or their food does not taste as it should.

If you have dentures and suffer from any of these problems they could be cured by the insertion of denture implants Manchester. Such implants are tiny metal posts which are inserted into the jawbone and provide a stable platform for the dentures to rest on. This prevents the dentures from slipping about and causing discomfort or embarrassment. If you are having any of these sorts of problems with your dentures, Circle Dental can help.

Denture Implants Manchester

Many people suffer from the problem of misaligned teeth. In an ideal world all of our teeth would grow straight and be positioned correctly. Unfortunately the world is not ideal in this respect, as far as many people are concerned. A number of different problems can arise when teeth do not grow as they should. For example, you might have an underbite, where the lower teeth do not meet the upper ones correctly and the upper ones pass the top of the lower teeth. The opposite can happen which is called an overbite. You can also get a crossbite where one or more of the upper teeth bite on the inside of the lower teeth.

You may have an open bite where the teeth do not meet at all, or you might have gapped teeth or over-crowded teeth.

Fortunately, the good news is that all of these problems can be solved by a trained and talented dentist. Using braces over a period of time will help the teeth to grow back into the correct position. However, while this process is being undertaken, the braces are visible and obvious to anyone meeting or seeing the wearer, which can be embarrassing, but that problem has now been solved with the invention of a product called Invisalign. This is a brace which is made from a clear plastic and is virtually invisible when worn. Circle Dental dentists can help by fitting Invisalign Manchester for patients with the problem of misaligned teeth.

Dental Implant

Natural teeth can be lost through trauma and dental disease.

To date there is nothing that can match mother nature. The options for missing teeth tend to include a denture, a bridge or a dental implant. A denture is a removable option but can affect speech and may increase plaque retention. A bridge is a fixed option but its fabrication may require irreversible preparation of a tooth or teeth. This is no longer considered to be the optimal treatment, especially if the teeth to be used in a bridge are healthy and unfilled.

Dental implants are becoming a more accepted treatment for many patients throughout the world wishing to replace their missing teeth.

So what is an implant?

An implant is generally made out of titanium which is a metal used in various aspects of medicine and is well known for its excellent healing properties in the human body. The implant acts similar to a tooth root and is directly anchored within the jaw bone so it can be used to support a crown or if several implants are used they can be used to retain a bridge or loose dentures.

How long have implants been around for?

Throughout history various attempts have been made to discover materials which could be used as a dental implant. A major break through came in 1965 when Professor Branemark placed the first titanium root type implant into a human jaw bone. His research dated back to 1952 so the technology has been around for over half a century. To date millions of implants have been placed world wide and there is an excellent success rate. Implants have continued to improve in their design and features which have enabled us to place them even in the most complex situations.

Are implants for life?

I would like to say yes but as with everything it is how you treat and care for them. Implants can indeed last a life time in a well cared for mouth but if not then like anything in life they will not last. Implants like teeth can be affected by the bacteria in the mouth and if not cleaned can get gum disease like teeth. Therefore, they are not fit and forget and regular attendance at your dentist is needed for inspection and hygiene

So who should place implants?

Not every dentist has been trained to place or restore the implants. Special training is required as well as a sound understanding of the principles that surround them. Our team in Heaton Moor Dental is highly trained with our main surgeon achieving a Masters Degree in dental Implantology with a distinction and our head nurse having worked in this field for over 2 decades. We have invested in the latest technologies to ensure that our implants are the best they can be.

Do implants hurt?

The placement of an implant will require a small surgical procedure similar to a tooth extraction and a filling combined. There may be little or some swelling and bruising depending on the complexity required but this would be discussed beforehand. We have not had anyone say yet that it wasn’t worth it though and dental implant treatment can be life changing.

How should I get started with the process?

A dental implant requires careful planning prior to its placement so a consultation and possibly a 3 dimensional scan may be needed. We would be happy to discuss this with you further or please contact our surgical lead Lynn if you would like a chat.


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