White Composite Fillings

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    Cosmetic Tooth Filling Hale, Hulme, Manchester, Partington, Stretford,Trafford, UrmstonWhite fillings provide an excellent means of returning a tooth back to its original form and function following dental decay or trauma. Indeed these fillings may also be used to change the shape or shade of a tooth in a less invasive manner compared with a veneer or a crown.

    There have been many years of research into white fillings and improvements in their strength and appearance have resulted. Our team have been trained by some of the World’s leading dentists and are able to recreate the lifelike appearance of teeth using blends of tooth coloured filling materials.

    What are the benefits of white fillings

    For many years metal fillings (amalgams) have been used to restore teeth and have an excellent clinical record. However, patients seeking life like finishing to their fillings that are not noticeable or visible opt for white fillings.

    In the correct hands these materials can be carefully adapted and bonded into the tooth producing excellent results. The strength has improved over the years and they can be confidently used in the back teeth without concern.

    How are white fillings done

    White fillings are more prone to contamination than the other types of filling material we use. Therefore, care must be taken in their placement and occasionally a rubber sheet will be used to ensure this is achieved whilst the filling is being placed.

    The placement of a white filling is usually more time consuming as we aim to replace the lost form and colours of the tooth. This is done in graduals layers which are hardened and set with the use of a blue light.

    Following placement your bite will be checked the filling will be carefully polished s that it looks flawless.


    How much are white fillings?

    Indeed we are able to provide white fillings in selected teeth and locations on the NHS. If these are chosen for cosmetic reasons on load bearing teeth or a more defined and aesthetic finishing is required than this would be provided on an independent basis.

    The cost of the filling will vary according to the size of the cavity and the time required to do the filling. This would be discussed at your consultation with your dentist

    What are the risks?

    Like any man-made substance a filling placed in the mouth will wear and tear and require maintenance and replacement. Maintenance may require removal of stain or repair of small chips which will be part of the ongoing cost of your dental care.

    White filling side effects may include sensitivity after placement. This tends to be short lived but contact the dental team if this persists.

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