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    Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist Hale, Hulme, Manchester, Partington, Stretford,Trafford, UrmstonIn these days of social media we are only a click away from a photo being shared across the world. In fact more than 24 billion selfies were posted onto Google servers in 2015! Therefore, importance of a smile cannot be overemphasised and it can help people to improve their confidence, boost career opportunities and look several years younger.

    Tooth whitening, if done by trained professionals, is a safe and effective means of whitening and thereby improving as smile.

    At Circle Dental, our dentists have extensive training on tooth whitening and have carried out many procedures over the years. A chosen product is called Boutique Whitening.

    If you would like whiter teeth continue reading…….

    How is tooth whitening done?

    Tooth whitening is performed with peroxide based products: carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. It can be done either during the daytime or overnight using trays.

    Customised trays will be made for your teeth and your dentist will show you how to apply the gels to optimise your result. Photos will be taken with your starting point shade and then when you return for assessment after you have finished your treatment.

    Generally most teeth will appear 7 shades lighter but it is possible to exceed this. If you would like to continue whitening following treatment then speak with your dental professional. The key to whiter teeth if to make sure you follow agreed plans.

    Is teeth whitening safe?

    Tooth whitening is considered as a minimally invasive treatment which means that no tooth is sacrificed for whiter teeth. The whitening gels work on bot stains within and outside of the tooth.

    3 weeks of whitening is considered as having the same effect on enamel as drinking 1 can of Coke (McCracken 1993).

    Sensitivity can occur during treatment but it tends to be short lived.

    Whitening is generally a safe procedure but should only be performed legally by a trained dental professional. Why would you trust your teeth with anyone else?

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