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    Dental Crowns Manchester, Partington, Stretford,Trafford, UrmstonA Crown is a dental appliance which is custom made for each patient by our highly skilled technicians and is used to treat teeth that are:

    A crown is a shell of material that wraps around the body of the tooth and provides support and protection for the substance underneath. A crown can be used to improve the appearance of the tooth and there are a variety of ceramic and hybrid metal and porcelain combinations that can be used to achieve this. A crown may also be used to improve function or protect a tooth and this may be achieved with either the ceramic options or use of metal.

    Cosmetic crowns

    These are crowns that are layered with various porcelains to recreate the natural appearance of a tooth with its differing blends of colours so that it is indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth.

    It requires a highly skilled team of dentists and technicians to create this sort of crown and we are able to provide this at our practice. Our work is of the highest quality and we work with the most talented technicians in the country to ensure you get the best possible result.


    The lab technicians that we use are matrix dental laboratory ( and Impact dental (

    Please refer to our before and after pictures that demonstrate our work.

    How are crowns made

    A crown does require some tooth reduction so that an adequate amount of space is created to accommodate the material needed to protect and improve the appearance of a tooth. The amount of tooth removal does depend on the material used and whether there is an underlying discolouration of tooth that needs to be hidden.

    The tooth removal to accommodate a crown is done using accurate measures and the experience of our team with material science and current evidence based dentistry. An accurate impression is then taken along with shade photography (for tooth coloured crowns) which are sent to the lab technician). The crown is fabricated within the laboratory and a further appointment is arranged so that it may be tried in your mouth for final checks and your approval.

    Dental crown problems

    A crown is generally considered the final resort for a tooth and there are minimally invasive options such as whitening, tooth coloured fillings and veneers that are used for minor discolorations.


    Any tooth reduction and preparation for a crown is not reversible and indeed more tooth removal is required for a crown compared with a veneer.

    If there is vital nerve within a tooth there is also a risk that the nerve may devitalise and require root canal treatment after a crown preparation. This would not apply to an already root canal treated tooth.

    Your dentist would discuss these with you so you can make an informed decision with regards to your dental care and the optimal care for your mouth.

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